Are You A Berkanan Woman?

Are You A Berkanan Woman?

Who is Berkanan?


Sitting down to write this blog, I realised that it has been 12 months almost to the day of our website first going live. A year of incredible highs coupled with the inevitable few low moments! So, I thought that it would be advantageous to look back at the mission statement we created for Berkanan back in 2020 to see what if anything had changed since that fateful day...

There is absolutely no doubt that Berkanan was born out of the Covid lockdown in 2020...

When we all found ourselves stood down from our development roles and thinking ‘what the hell are things going to look like when we come out the other side of this!’ So, with trepidation and a hell of lot of time on our hands, we started brainstorming what we needed from a fashion brand at that very second. The elements came together surprisingly quickly:

  • Inclusive sizing

    – Fed up with seeing a cute top online only to find that the largest size was an 18, we really wanted to eliminate that disappointment from your shopping experience and try to create a brand that screamed “inclusivity”, rather than “you can’t shop here!” We are still working to extend the size range even further, with the recent addition of size 8 for our petite ladies. Yes, we heard you sister!Berkanan Women's Loungewear Size Inclusize
  • Cute yet comfy styling

    – As most of us suddenly found ourselves working from home more, thanks to Covid, being comfy became our numero una. Days of the morning ritual of throwing on our office attire became a distant memory. Except for of course when we had a Zoom scheduled, but even then it was business on top and party on the bottom! But to be honest it was more than all of this, Australian’s love affair with the trusted trackie-dack or boyfriend hoody has been a part of who we are as a nation for generations now. While we love to dress up and hit the town for a well-deserved girl’s night out…… we are at heart a casual bunch with our home being our castle. Our love of all things comfy isn’t going anywhere soon that’s for sure!Comfy Trackies -  Quality Track Sets - No Fast Fashion here
  • Quality

    – this is a simple one…… here at Berkanan quality has always been at the heart of what we do. We simply can’t cut corners! Even though sometimes we crunch the numbers, and it makes more sense to go for the lighter weight fabric or delete that cute styling detail, we choose to absorb the cost ourselves. As we believe that if we designed it like that, then quite simply that’s how we want to deliver it to you. Plus, we want you to love it more and more each season as the fabric softens and matures. 
Quality Clothes for Women - Cotton Clothes with proper weight in them
    • Versatility

      – while with each collection our experimentation with colour has developed and evolved, we still strongly believe that each of our pieces should work perfectly back with the existing and well-loved pieces already hanging in your wardrobe. Our loungewear still has that unique ability to translate from slothing at home to a lunch date in minutes with just a few outfit tweaks. Thank goodness for the white sneaker trend!Versatile Clothing for Women that can be dresseed up or down to suit the seasons and work along side other brands
    • Sustainability

      – one of our key objectives from the very beginning was to do right by our customers, our suppliers, our partners, and our planet. Deciding to partner up with HeapsGood, an Aussie owned company producing ecommerce satchels which are 100% home compostable, was the best move we ever made. Our next move in 2022 will be to make the transition from traditional polybags which our garments arrive in to more environmentally friendly recycled polybags. We are also constantly working with our suppliers to implement new sustainable techniques with our fabric and garment production.Sustainability in all areas, from production to packaging, we have made this an environmentally friendly range with reduced waste.

    Wow! What a truly amazing journey it’s been so far! To think our vision is still going strong a year down the track, is both exciting and downright rewarding. Our goal has always been to embrace women in all our differences and similarities. Not just as a platform to promote our brand but for you to also be able to tell your stories and to feel truly listened to. So please keep sending us DM’s, emailing, commenting, tagging, liking…….. We are in awe of our growing Berkanan Tribe and look forward to another fabulous and inspiring 12 months with you all!


    Berkanan Lougnewear for Women Comfy Clothese all Year

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