Given that the Berkanan team has a combined experience of over 100 years in the fashion industry, predominantly in the area of product development for major retailers, it’s safe to say that we have seen a lot over the years…….. and it hasn’t always sat very well with us. So, this is our chance to do the right thing. This means with our customers, our suppliers, our partners, and our planet! 


Our suppliers are like close friends. We have a mutually respectful relationship amongst us, which has been cultivated over a 10-year period. We visit our supplier’s factories regularly in China. We do not change our supply base seasonally depending on price or payment terms. We loath this practise. We are all about building enduring partnerships. This means that our fabrics, quality, and handwriting remain consistent from season to season.

By having such a tight knit supply base, we are best equipped to ensure that our supply chain is free from worker exploitation, from child labour, discrimination and compliance standards are adhered to. We are 1000% committed to maintaining an ethical supply chain.


As we all know ecommerce does create a lot more wastage from packaging compared with a traditional retail experience. Therefore, we have decided to partner up with HeapsGood, an Aussie owned company producing ecommerce satchels which are 100% home compostable and break down in 3-6 months when composted. Rather than 300 years like traditional satchels.
We have also planned to further reduce our landfill contribution, which we will be announcing during 2021.



We always endeavour to service our customers (you guys) to the highest possible standards and take a 360-degree approach in doing this. Our sourcing skills know no bounds. We will hunt high and low until we are satisfied that we have the best fabric, the best version of a style, the best fit and produced to the highest quality standards, before we make it available online. We will stay back to make sure your orders leave our warehouse within 24 hours. Likewise, with returns and exchanges. As we know that you may well want that logo sweat top in time for the weekend! As let’s get real, without you guys we do not have business.