Why Linen Clothes are a great choice and it's benefits for you.

Why Linen Clothes are a great choice and it's benefits for you.

Why Linen Clothes?

In an age of the constant online sale, where virtually any item you are looking for can be bought with a discount code or even just a regular sale price, its safe to say that linen rarely fits into that category and if it does the discount never feels like a “rave about to your friend’s bargain”! So why is this? Furthermore, is the price tag worth it? Well let’s take a closer look…….

Linen dates back, way back...

Linen is without a doubt the oldest known fabric to mankind, used by the ancient Mesopotamian’s, the ancient Egyptian’s and the ancient Greeks. During ancient times it was used for everything from currency to burial garments for mummies, but most notable for bedding and clothing. There are several reasons for this and to say that the Mesopotamian’s, Egyptian’s and Greeks were on the right track is an understatement.

Linen is Friendly; to the environment and your body.

Linen is 100% natural, being made from the fibres of the flax plant. Linen is also sustainable as when the flax crop is harvested, every part is completely utilised. Even if it isn’t used in the production of linen, the flax seeds are pressed to make linseed oil. Linen is also both recyclable and biodegradable, which is so good for our beautiful planet.

Furthermore, compared to the production of other materials such as its often-viewed rival: cotton, linen requires less water and pesticides to thrive. Again, a huge environmental win!

Oh, and there is more! Linen has superpowers like no other fabric. It’s a breathable fibre that regulates your body temperature to a comfortable level, especially in summer. Which of course is perfect when sleeping. Unlike other fabrics such as cotton, linen becomes softer (and more comfortable!) the more you wash it even without softeners. This is due to the pectin that binds the fibres, which gently break down with water creating a silk like feel….. without the dry-cleaning bill.

The Verdict is Out!

So, the verdict is out, clothe yourself in a material that makes sense from both a comfort and sustainability perspective. As you can see the price tag truly is worth it!

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